Indian Association for the Blind

Nourishing the body & mind

Since inception the primary goal of IAB has been to make the visually challenged independent in every which way. Apart from providing education that equips students with knowledge, confidence and independence, IAB takes several initiatives to ensure that its students are highly employable. Comprehensive skill training is imparted to train students in areas of their interest and to enable them to access mainstream employment opportunities.
Food and Accommodation
Today with the support of well-wishers, the accommodation has grown to an impressive 60,000 sq ft building on a lush 3 acre campus. The facility is home to around 300 children who stay on the campus and make the most of the thoughtfully-planned facilities.
Medical Care
Medical care is utmost priority at IAB. Every step is taken to ensure that the the visually challenged students are in the best of health.
The visit to Perkins was an eye opener because he realized the importance of professional service for the visually impaired. He was also sensitized to the importance of technology in fostering sense of autonomy