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Envisioning a better future

Donate to transform the lives of visually challenged people across India

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Committed to Redefining Abilities & Rescripting Lives

- Indian Association for the Blind


10,000+ visually challenged children have experienced the transformative impact of Project School through scholarships and access to a well-equipped Braille & Audio library.

Recognizing the profound role of education in empowering the visually challenged, we proudly offer free higher secondary and college education to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds

Meals Served

75 Lakh meals served and counting

Our campus is home to 300+ students. We offer free meals, accommodation and medical care to all our students with the continued support of our generous sponsors


25000+ Youth Empowered through specialised skill training 

Through comprehensive skill training, tailored to each individual's interests, we pave the way for our students to seize mainstream employment opportunities


6000+ success stories of successful placement in Government & Private sector jobs

We have propelled numerous IAB alumni towards rewarding careers in the government sector, including teaching, railways, and banking. We also offer vocational training to those keen on self-employment

Elderly Support

800+ Seniors supported with financial assistance and essential groceries 

The generous contributions of our sponsors help us improve the quality of life for visually challenged seniors in our community

Assistive Devices

7000+ lives transformed with assistive technology

With the support of braille kits, laptops, audiobooks and a range of assistive devices, we have helped improve everyday life and foster inclusivity

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Donate now

Envisioning a better future

Donate to transform the lives of visually challenged people across India.

What we do

Driven by a commitment to inclusivity, IAB equips the visually challenged with knowledge, independence, and a pathway to a brighter future.

IAB Impact

30,000+ Lives transformed

3-time National Award Winner

35 Years of Excellence

People were more likely to give alms to a blind person. There was no awareness of the potentialities of such people and their need to be treated with dignity and respect

- Jinnah

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Donations bring Transformations

Being a generous giver helps us realise our vision of a world with equal opportunities for the Visually Challenged

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Our Sucess Stories

Read the inspirational stories of transformed lives and dreams realised by our growing IAB Family

S. Kabilan Grade VIII

Believer and Go-Getter

I aspire to become a teacher when I grow up. My dream job not only helps me support my family and myself but also allows me to be a part of my students’ dreams too. The prospect of being in a position to inspire others gives me all the motivation I need to achieve my goals.

M. Vinitha Grade XI

Focused and Motivate

I firmly believe that an act of random kindness has the power to change someone’s life. And when aspiring students like us get earnest support and guidance to reach our goals, then we have to consider ourselves very lucky. I have everything I need to march forward and reach my destination.

M. Rajalakshmi Employee-Lite Engineering

Determined and Strong Willed

The fuel that drives me forward everyday is the thirst to prove to myself that I am capable of contributing to my family and society at large. I am preparing myself to achieve this goal and I am sure that my patience and perseverance will help me realize my dreams.

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