Indian Association for the Blind

Taking the initiative to spread knowledge

Braille Books Production House
Established in 1999, the Braille book production house makes all printed materials accessible in Braille format for children and adult with visual challenges. It began as a small initiative that made available Braille books for students of IAB. Currently the braille books produced in IAB are available to all visually challenged people in Tamil Nadu.
Audio Books
IAB’s audio book service was launched in 1995 to make more books accessible for people with visual challenges. Currently IAB’s audio books are available for visually challenged people through out Tamil Nadu
Independent Living Skills
This program helps visually challenged children and adults to develop, acquire and apply life skills to live independently.
Technology Support
Through this initiative IAB bridges the gap between conventional technology and the visually challenged by helping them use specially adaptation that make gadgets like phones, computers to talking books completely accessible and user friendly for visually challenged.
Legal Aid Service
Initiated in 2013 this project provides provide various legal entitlements for persons with disabilities.
People were more likely to give alms to a blind person. There was no awareness of the potentialities of such people and their need to be treated with dignity and respect
says Jinnah.